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Completing the Spotlight on Technology Expo 2016 — Day 1 and/or 2 will contribute 5 hours (for each individual day) of QTC Registered PD addressing 2.6.2, 3.3.2, 3.4.2 and 6.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

Participant Requirements

The first 200 participants will receive a free mBot STEM Robot. There are two sessions on Thursday where the Robots will be built and programmed. These will be offered in another optional Workshop on Friday.

To program the mBot Robots, participants should bring a computing device, preferably an iPad with the mBot apps specified below. Please download these apps to use at Spotlight.

Makeblock – Play STEM robots , Visual programming by Maker Works Technology Co.,Ltd.

mBlockly – for mBot by Maker Works Technology Co.,Ltd.

Programming the mBot with a Computer

Alternatively, you could bring your computer, but installing the software can be a little more challenging.

Follow the following Instructions:

NOTE: Step 2 has changed for MacOS 10.12.1 Sierra !!!

Replace Step 2 with the steps below:-

The steps to install the driver are pretty simple:
  1. Download (
  2. Open a Finder window and go to where you downloaded (mine goes to a directory named Downloads in my Home directory).
  3. Double-click the file to unzip it.
  4. In the Finder window, you should see a file named CH341_Install.pkg.
  5. Double-click that file (it's the installer).
  6. Follow the prompts to install the driver.
  7. Rebooting is generally a good idea after installing drivers to ensure they are loaded into the kernel of the OS.

Hope that helps. If that doesn't work, you can uninstall the driver by deleting the usbserial.kext directory in the /Library/Extensions directory.