00 the AirPi

Before you do anything lets have a look at the AirPi, what it is and who created it.

The AirPi

In this video Tom Hartley explains what the AirPi is. Think about this - Tom is in Year 12 - he designed this with his friends in Year 11! What could you do!

The AirPi you will get as a part of this competition will be able to monitor:

      • Temperature
      • Barometric Pressure
      • Humidity
      • Light Levels
      • Air Quality
      • UV Index (UVI)

it also has 4 spare analogue inputs so you could measure other things such as battery voltage or wind direction and so on.

It has potential to measure Latitude and Longitude with an optional GPS module but we won't be needing that here. We will enter that in manually.          

Instructions on building the module and how it works are published on this site. Be careful if you go to other sites for sample code, circuit diagrams or other information as we have had to modify much of what is online to suit this competition 

Ok ready to go! lets jump to the
Raspberry Pi first start up