*** Winners Announced *** 

As usual with our Spotlight on Technology series of conferences we are having competitions 
where, you the students of the Diocese can show off your skills and experience to other students, your parents, teachers and the world.

However you won't be doing this just for fame and glory — that will come, but you can win some cool prizes for your school, your team mates and yourself.

For the best entry across all Competitions, your school will win a wonderful Drone — the DJI Phantom Pro. Basic training will also be provided.

Overall Primary School WINNER
St Clare’s, Narellan Vale

Overall Secondary School WINNER
Magdalene Catholic High School

But what about me — I did all the work! Indeed you did so for every winning team each team member will win, fame, glory and the admiration of their peers and .....

Each team member will win a .......

Sphero 2.0 App Enabled Robotic Ball

Key Features

Sphero App
Get rolling with the primary Sphero app. Control Sphero from your smartphone or tablet, change colours, complete challenges, earn tricks, and more. The more you play with Sphero, the better it gets.

Create obstacle courses and drive circles around your friends with the Sphero app. Or trace an on-screen path with Draw N’ Drive and watch Sphero replicate your design on the ground. Driving apps put you in control of Sphero – no license required.

Download SPRK lessons, learn the basics of programming and actually have fun doing it. Then unleash Sphero’s inner robot and program like a pro using the MacroLab and OrbBasic apps. The more you play, the smarter you get.

Turn Sphero into the life of the party. Tabletop games are a reinvention of classic board games for the smartphone generation. Challenge your memory and coordination in a game of Chromo or turn Sphero into a ticking time bomb in Pass the Sphero – a new spin on Hot Potato. Game on.

What's in the Box
• Your new best friend, Sphero 2.0
• 2 ramps that provide instant fun and challenge
• Inductive charging base to make your life easier
• Quick Start guide to get you rolling problem free
• Free games and apps available on the iTunes App Store, Google Play, and Windows Store

Tech Specs
• Over 30 apps available for iOS and Android ensure you never run out of ways to play.
• Capable of rolling speeds up to 2 metres per second. That’s faster than you.
• Connects to your device via Bluetooth and boasts a range of up to 30 metres.
• Induction charging provides over an hour of full-throttle gameplay.
• Now 3x brighter, Sphero glows in all your favorite colours for nighttime gameplay.
• High impact polycarbonate shell for unbreakable, unstoppable play.
• Internal guidance system includes a gyro and accelerometer.
• Hackable and programmable internal robot means you can get geeky.

1. Zombie Detector

Create a Wide Area Air Quality monitoring (and Zombie detection) network
Students work in teams of 3 to 5 with a Raspberry Pi  (small simple computer) and the

Embed gadget

programming language Python.
The students will assemble and create an Airquality monitoring plug-in board for the Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pi, Loaded SD card and a case). All teams will be given a Raspberry Pi and AirPi kit of parts with associated parts (keyboard mouse etc). You may need to supply a monitor and HDMI cable depending on how you set it up. There are also 3rd party options you could add (wifi, POE power, etc).

Then using the internet of  things connect their station to a network of stations across the Diocese, Cooma and Tasmania.

Competition Details are here:

This competition was won by; 

Zombie Squad – Magdalene CHS
Teacher: Chris Whicker
Stephanie Cassar
Lachlan Burrows
Thomas Crowe
Hannah Isaacs

2. Mission to Space

In November 2016 we hope to launch the Diocese first near space expedition. Here is your opportunity to design an experiment
on this expedition!  What will you monitor? How will you do it? Students work in teams of 3 to 5 designing space borne experiments using Arduino, Raspberry Pi and whatever sensors you need. The teams will design and test the experiments and payloads. The winning entries will fly on the balloon later in the year. These team members will form part of the ground crew for the control and monitoring of the launch. 
Once you have proposed your experiment the CEO will provide the equipment needed for implementation and testing.


This competition was won by;

The Big Equation – Magdalene CHS
Teacher: Peter Collins
Larissa Hooper
Josh Nies
Isabella Pejkovic
Hayden Richards
Michael Fuller

3. Scratch That Itch

Students work in teams of 3 to 5 using SCRATCH to create a dynamic, detailed animation of their favourite bible story.

This competition was won by;

Team SSPPKiwi – Ss Peter & Paul, Kiama
Teacher: Cara Lawson
luc-Pierre Tannous
Angus Abela
Jude Larkin
Aidan Kennedy

4. Rube Goldberg  

Take a simple task and make it extraordinarily complicated. Using pulleys, gears, springs, levers, ramps and screws, create a complex machine to do a simple task!
This competition was won by;

The Vipers – Good Samaritan, Fairy Meadow
Teacher: Michelle Cook
Jude Nunes
Max Cunial
Jacob Tonitto
Braxton Smith
Aston Smith